Saturday, 18 October 2008

Inspiration Boards.

This is my cork board. It's not that big, in fact, it's pretty small.
It's pretty cramped, but that's what you get when you combine a small cork board and a big dreamer; You lose space.
I never fail to find things I can put on it, whether it be a photo, or a piece of fabric, or simply, a shade of a certain colour. Anything that sparks hope, or nostalgia.
My friends are on that cork board, the one's I don't see everyday, the one's I miss the most.
Sayings are on that cork board. Some appearing meaningless, but I'm weird like that: my eye can meet the plainest thing, but my mind can unravel a world unknown.
Cards are on that cork board, some question objective reality and provide no answers, some remind me of my favourite things, some simply teach me.

I'm on that cork board; my past, my dreams, my loves, and my thoughts: Me.