Tuesday, 3 March 2009

1: All Roads Lead to Rome.

In the middle of a faraway, lazy county, there is a dark, little village. And in that village, there is a certain street. Misaligned houses and grey trees run along it like crooked teeth in the mouth of a soulless monster. In the middle of that street, there is an Orphanage; built after the home of the grandest family in the area, Joadson Manor, burned to the ground in a wicked fire. Members of the local community had mixed emotions about the Orphanage, they believed that it would bring trouble and reckless children to their neighbourhood, who would bring along change in their lives.

The sun was absent, as always, on the day Stephanie White decided to sit outside her home, The Orphanage. It was a peculiar decision to make because she rarely bathed in the dense pollution of her town, and had she not had the unusual urge to watch the crows and grey trees, her life probably would not have taken a drastic turn.

It started when she was admiring the different shades of grey her street had to offer. Nothing new ever happened in the area, everyone lived by their nonchalent lifestyles. But on this day, people were looking out their windows, and waiting on the roadside, looking up and down the road as if expecting something exciting.
And there it was.

A long, raven-black limousine cruised down the road, tinted windows rolled up, and a silver grill which had obviously been recently polished.
"That's not something you see everyday! I'd better go call Caretaker and show her, she loves a good story to tell." said Stephanie to herself, as she ran inside the house.

The rest of the neighbourhood stood at their front lawns, or with their noses pressed against their windows, eyeing the luxurious car and anticipating someone famous to get out of it. A white-gloved driver stepped out of the front seat and walked around to the back door, preparing it open for whoever was inside. Out slid a long, white leg. And then another. Then from behind the door, a painfully beautiful woman emerged, clad in a long, black dress, her porcelain white skin looked even brighter, her long, black hair blended in with the dress, it looked like a slick, black waterfall of ink crshing onto the ground. She eyed the crowd with her violet eyes, and a smug, red smile crept onto her face.
"Welcome home, Miss Joadson" an old lady called out.

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