Friday, 6 March 2009

4: Mother Knows What's Best.

"That was one great ball"

Fiona gloated as she made her way through the main doors of the mansion, throwing her coat and bag onto Stephanie's skinny arms. She had heavy bags below her eyes and a slouch in her walk, Stephanie was envious, Fiona probably had an amazing time.

"And did you hear? The prince is apparently looking for maidens. Whoever fits their foot into a certain slipper will be claimed as his bride."

Fiona laughed at Stephanie's hopeful expression, and rolled her eyes at her stupidity. How could a maid ever think she could win over the heart of someone royal? It was unheard of.

Fiona and Stephanie looked up, hearing the gates open. They looked at each other and for a moment, shared the same excitement.

"It must be the prince! How do I look?!"
She asked, panicking.

Fiona smoothed down her hair and checked her face in the mirror, her tired eyes had woken up and looked glassy and bright. Stephanie motioned to open it and welcome the guests in, but Fiona stopped her

"Don't even think about it,"
she hissed, grabbing Stephanie's straight black hair and pulling it back.

Fiona pulled the large door open and as she suspected, the Prince was standing outside, his perfection still evident in the moonlight, beside him was his adviser, a tall, skinny man who told him how to make his every move.

"Your majesty! I have heard the news! Please, come in and present the shoe!" said Fiona as she ushered them both in and shut the doors behind them.

The Prince's adviser withdrew a glass slipper, it was cut intricately and sparkled throughout the room as the light from the chandeliers struck it. It was the most bizarre shoe Fiona and Stephanie had ever seen, and it was unbelievably tiny, one step looked like enough to break it into a thousand pieces.

"Are you kidding me? Who's foot is supposed to fit in that?!"
Fiona yelled, outraged.

Victoria heard the commotion and walked into the main hall. Her bright skin and violet eyes looked luminous in the dark hall, even sleep-deprived, she was as flawless as ever. She spotted the Prince and rushed to his side,

"Your majesty! How lovely it is to see you!" She smiled, kissing his hands. "Ah, the slipper, I see. You have come to the right home... Please, wait a moment while I speak with my daughter?" She asked, curtsying before him.

Victoria took Fiona to the next room by the hand, as they entered she turned around and slapped the girl stone cold on the face, who fell to the ground clutching her cheek,


Victoria screamed, yanking a fist of her daughter's hair,

"But mummy!" she whispered, black tears fell onto her cheeks and ran down her face, streaking it, "didn't you see the shoe? It was so small! My foot can't fit in that!"

Victoria released Fiona from her grip, and silenced herself for a few minutes. She had a faraway look in her eyes, as if composing a plan. She stood still for several minutes, simply thinking.

When she finally awoke from her trance, she looked at Fiona lovingly, and stroked her brown curls,

"Well, then we will have to cut off your foot. Won't we?"


Mina said...

wow jo what a sick twist at the end :) mina like.

monn said...

Oh jojojooooo.
I love it:)
and min's right, specially that ending. DAYUMM for a second i thought you were writing some fairytale i was like okay sure then suddenly WOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. here comes jo :)
in a good way.

Scandalesque said...

Wow, wow, wow, that was awesome.
I just read it now. =)) Totally unexpected. I love your writing, I swear ! :D

Joanna said...

thanks Mina & Mon a& Vida!