Sunday, 29 March 2009

I'm so Scared but I don't Show it.

I am just a little girl
Lost in the moment
I'm so scared
But I don't show it

I'm only 16. I'm 16 and yet I lose sleep over philosophizing. I want to know the meaning of my life. I want to know why I'm here. I want to know which path I should take. I think about these things all the time. I want an answer, some kind of sign that tells me everything. I want to know all of it when the truth is, I dont even know what I want, or what my dreams are.
I keep questioning the same things after I realise there's no point questioning. After I understand that it just is. No explanations, nothing. Quite often, after reasoning with myself that we shouldn't set life goals so that we dont fall into the trap of complacency, I start thinking about life goals and dreams. It's an annoying cycle. But the worst part is, I think I need it. I need to subject myself to such complicated questions because it just makes me think out of the box.. Gives me a view on things.

I started thinking about these things [again] after I saw that photo, above. It looks so carefree and.. happy :) The blurred background makes it seem like they've lost the world in their little bubble, all they have is each other, and that's all they really want or need. Their happiness is found in holding hands and laughing. I want that. I want to be able to just hold someone's hand and laugh as if the world is a huge bubble of joy. :)


YANI said...

I like this entry :)

Swank Heights said...

Can you ask her to refer me?! Hahah..I'm sure it's a workload but I'm completely down for that.

michelle said...

most of the people our age rant about the kids younger than us, saying our generation is getting worse and worse; you know, make up, whoring out, drugs, alcohol, growing up too quickly. in the same way in which we're only 16, but i feel like we're thinking ahead of a lifetime.

i don't know. this entry just made me think of that. hope you had a lovely birthday, joanna :) come to school and see how we've all grown so old and ugly. :D xx

Scandalesque said...

I`m only 16, yet I lose sleep over philosophizing after reading other 16 year old`s blog entries. @-)
Plagiarizing your words, sorrreh. :P
But your entry made me think toooo.

Raphael du Monte said...

nice jo. :]