Monday, 30 March 2009

Heat these Veins.

I hate it when you try to make me forget about the things that make me happy.

When you say I should let go and you dont understand why I still hold on.

When you tell me its stupid and pointless.

You dont understand.

Go ahead, call it teenage angst with all the grouchiness and the fighting back, maybe it is.

All I asked for is a few weeks.

You can't even give me that without putting me down?


raphaeldumonte said...

Cheer up Joanna. :( Try to explain it to her but if she starts to really pisses you off then avoid her instead. She would know something's up. I just hope she'd get the message and try to do something about it.

Lienne said...

You're of no use if you stay in and sulk about, you might as well enjoy your days as they come, out and about. I don't see what part of that is hard to understand? That's about Momma K.
But chin up jo, you'll be here soon. :)

monn said...

Oh jo...what did you not tell me?
You'll be here soon. If you never make it here..:(
well it doesn't matter, enjoy your summer what you can.
love you xx.