Friday, 27 March 2009

Lenny Bacon has a soul!

It was about php250, [Rm20] which is pretty expensive for 16 shots. I had to learn how to load it myself and I got all confused, but I figured it out and I've taken ONE picture! I'm saving the rest for tomorrow and especially since I bought the last 2 rolls the store had, I dont wanna have to go searching for more. I guess I'll have to wait til Team Manila or Fully Booked finally decide to restock.

SO YEAH! I have a plan, once i get the film developed, I'm going to stick them on my wall and make wallpaper out of em! It'll sorta be like a .. travel through the photos, kinda thing. Like, watch my photo skillz develop and get awesomer as I gain more experience. Woot! I wanna see what kind of pics I get, before anything. So then I'll know more about it, you know? Gosh, its so difficult when the picture doesnt digitally pop up on the screen. Leaves you wondering how bad your pics are gonna turn out.

Anyway, will take pics at Ilagans tomorrow, going swimming with the crew minus gia and divisha. Excited but i wish you guys could go!