Monday, 2 March 2009

Oh, little Red Riding Hood, where have you gone tonight?

A smoky moon hangs in the midnight sky as the thick fog sweeps through the forest, a little golden-curled girl runs through the wood, desperately trying to catch her cat before she gets lost in the darkness. She stops for a moment, her brown eyes trying to uncover the figures looming behind the trees, her breath rushing out of control. "No need to be afraid, Helena." she tells herself, imagining her mothers voice in her head. Nothing to be scared of, except for the vicious beasts which roam the forest at night. She stops for a moment and tries to catch her breath, it comes slowly. She watches the shadows around her, nothing but trees, she assures herself, they are just trees, harmless. She continues walking on at a leisurely pace, trying to ignore the eeriness of the midnight wood. The little girl stops abruptly, and hugs her red coat around her, where is Leo? She wonders. She continues on, quickening her steps. The hairs on the back of her neck stand up and panic glimmers in her eyes, she can't deny what she heard: The soft growling of a hungry wolf. She had been warned about those so many times, but she never actually thought anything could happen to her. She breaks out into a run, calling for her missing brother, sprinting over the dead leaves on the forest floor, lunging through trees which cling onto her clothes and rip through the cloth, sharp branches which reach out to her arms and face and tear her skin, causing crimson droplets of blood to run down her cheeks. The growling is unavoidable to her ears as the wolf gets closer.

And for a few seconds, the entire forest is filled with the shrill scream of a little girl in a red coat and the manic feed of a wild wolf.

Then silence.


monn said...

i LOVE this.
it scares me (and i'm never going on international award ever again, THANKS)
but it's amazingly written and it doesn't drag on, like a lot of stories do.

not yours, i mean. like in those books where it takes forever to get hooked.

Lienne said...


but amazingly descriptive and it sent chills down my spine. :)

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