Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Baby lets run away to Cuba,
you can smoke cigars,
and I can dance the night away,
we can wake up to the smell
of rusty cars and spanish food,
tangled in our sheets,
what do you say?

I got home a couple of hours ago. I went to Greenbelt with my parents since my dad felt like going out. We went to this charming Cuban restaurant called Cafe Havana, I wish I had my camera so I could take a picture, but I didn't. We ate and talked about cigars, then I had to run off to find the others because the movie was starting in a few.

It was so good to see Jerrell, Cuenca, Aljohn, Ramon, Carina and Bianca again. Haven't seen them in so long, and they said I got darker (YAY!). We watched a film called House which was some lame horror flick. It was about a couple who got in a car accident so they trek back to civilization in the middle of the storm, they find a Bed & Breakfast and it just goes all weird. The house isn't haunted, but it manifests your sins and fears, so yeah.

Anyway afterwards we went to Timezone (this arcade) and spent Aljohns money on games. I lost to Carina in racing, then we played that game where you have to shoot as many hoops? Well the deal was the winner gets a kiss from each of the losers, and guess what? Aljohn won : So Carina, Bianca & I gave him a kiss on the cheek each. Then we played air hockey and it was so much fun, I was with Aljohn, Cuenca and Jerrell were a team, and we were whooping and laughing so loudly it was so much fun, we were losing like, 5-2 BUT WE CAME BACK! And the final score was 6-6 :D

Then I met back up with my parents and we drove home through the rain and traffic and talked about music and blogs. :)

How do your parents feel about blogs?


Min said...

it depends on which blogs,
political blogs are shit
normal blogs interest them
i love your blog, its so detailed, i can sort of imagine myself in that arcade with you, and I wanna play air hockey!

monn said...

I like political blogs though.
My mother doesn't know I have one - she doesn't know I'm literate.

I rock at air hockey :D

Lienne said...

What an awesome, fun-filled day :)
I'm not all that into politics, so blogs about the subject isn't my cup of tea, however blogs about anything other, is always a clear Go for me.
Especially yours. aha
and mon's and sarah's and mina's.


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