Sunday, 10 May 2009

Kookoo Kachoo

Another creative moment! Decided to make a mini magazine! I'm going to play the roll of the editor, the writer, the photographer, the model & the layout director!

Topic ideas greatly wanted!

I have also been spending my evening looking for Universities. I've been advised against the US so now I'm looking at France and Spain.


Lienne said...

What's wrong with the States? and England? aha.

miriam said...

agree wats up with us?
theres alot too choose from.
but then again other foreign countries might be interesting.
and about the mag.
you can shoot for all the unknown talents that are prying around in blogs and internet waiting to be heard.
considering what you said in ur last post.
juss a sugestion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, x

I have a friend who started a zine and its been quite successful. Visit a magazine shop, like Magnation or similar, and get inspiring from other mags and think about whats your will and won't have inside.

France would be a lovely place to study, what subject do you wish to pursue?

Joanna said...

Well Li, my dad doesnt really want me to go to the states but I'll still consider it. He just doesn't like it, being british i guess you could say its in his blood! ahaha. And plus you've told me so much about the depressing weather of england and stuff, my mom also advised against it but I'm still considering that too.

Miriam, ditto what i said above, and yeah! i like that idea! thanks!

Claire, you're very welcome, thank you for dropping by here. Well I want to take up journalism + media communication, something like that.