Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Toothpaste Kisses & Heart-Shaped Bruises

So I wrote a new passage for my Stephanie Story and I really like it, but the notebook is in the other room so I can't really be bothered to go and type it up. I will maybe when I finish the whole story? Or when the notebook happens to be beside the PC. Anyway, I took a video of myself writing because I wanted to see how I am, usually I'm pretty blind when it comes to myself. I just have to say: I AM SUCH A RETARD!!! You'll see what I mean when you watch the vid.

So yesterday I went to Merville to hang out with Cami and Gia since it's been forever. Gia came over at 7AM. : SEVEN. When the world is still asleep. But anyway, my neighbours maid gave her this look of death which kind of read as "who is this unknown tresspasser?!" Twas Freaky.

So we watched Aus. Next Top Model and laughed at the Australian humour, and around 12.30 we went to Cami's. We played some ps2 games and Guitar Hero (which i epically suck at) I went online and watched them play. Then we went swimming at Miggo's house, went back to Cami's and watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, then we had dinner and played hotel 626! Cami sent us back to my place :) I love those girls so much.



monn said...

you're quite retarded when you write.
in a nice way :)
i have never played guitar hero before...

Anonymous said...

haha love the vid.

your day with friends sounds like a blast and no worries, i suck at guitar hero as well :-)

OMGia! said...

WOOT! special mention!:D
i feel so loved.:D

Lienne said...

4:50! AHAHAHA, funny stuff. :D

raphaeldumonte said...

You have a funny face when you see something you wrote that you don't like. Like in 0:13. And you have that "oh yeah, i wrote really well" face with the eye brows at 0:29.

They made me LOL hard!

3:12 Startled~ LOL


btw why haven't you posted what you wrote yet? get your notebook! I want to read! :D

raphaeldumonte said...

Stephanie.... *flies back* flew.

LOOOOLLMG. hahaha.

Cami said...

aw yay! we lovee you too! :D

lol. nice vid jo. hahah hilars, love it!!! :))