Sunday, 3 May 2009

When that moon gets big and bright, it's supernatural delight.

Here's my list of things to do before Summer ends. I have about a month left, and nothing amazing has happened, which is really gay. I need some spontaneity, people! I was looking forwards to taking football classes with Gia, but she can't anymore so that's scratched out :(
Okay, here's my personal summer wish-list:

MRT Adventures: a group of us are gonna take the electric train (MRT) and get off at random spots, explore, get back on and just go all over the place. I'm really excited for this, which explains why it's number one. :D

Go to a beach! Hell yeah! I need the sand and salt water and sun like a diabetic needs insulin shots

Group dinner + night movie. I love going to the cinema at night, when the malls aren't crowded and stores are closing. Plus, I want to have a dinner where we can look nice :)

BBQ! I talked to Darren about this a second ago and we're gonna have a bbq at his place, yay!

Go to Baguio. I'm gonna ask my mom about this :D I've never been, but I wouldn't mind some cold weather and cheap clothes :P

Ride a horse. YES! YES! PLEASE!

Go out for a whole day. From 8am-12am. Just doing whatever it takes to make the day go by.

Just HANG OUT. As in no activities, just simply sit & talk, wherever.

PAINTBALL & Laser Tag! Yes. I just hope we dont get ripped off like the guys did, last time. Laser Tag will be my fall back.

Make another episode of Joey & Cameron! We have a youtube video, search "Joey and Cameron" it's actually really funny :) I wont ruin the surprise.

YAY I've got a list of 10! I'm so excited to finish this list now! Okay, I'm going to update what happened every time I complete one of these numbers. Watch our for updates, lovely readers!