Saturday, 2 May 2009

Massacre Blues

Pay no attention to the title, it popped up in my head earlier and I like the ring to it.

So last night, I decided to curl my hair with the iron, while watching 90210 on dvd. The way Annie and Naomi do their hair fascinates me. It's always perfectly curled and stuff, like whoah. So I wanted to try and I had it on high heat (which is deadly dangerous, I burnt my forehead once : ) anyway, I was curling curling away, and most people who use curling irons know that it kinda melts your hair into place, and makes your hair smell like a burning rubber factory or something like that. So I decided I'd just wash away the stink when I wake up. So I just took a shower, and guess what? MY HAIR STILL STINKS! It smells like a car that skidded on hot asphalt and its wheels are flaming up. Ugh! I shampooed it and everything but it still smells so bad :( I jsut hope I havent melted my hair or anything, I used to do that to my Barbies, and if my hair happens to turn out how Travel Agent Barbie's hair did, I will scream until my voice box shatters.

Ugh, can't ever how bad my hair smells. SMELLS LIKE CRAP.
Anyway, am off to SM to go buy some stuff and I'm thinking about making dinner tonight, pasta and salad :/ Yes, I should remind my parents why they're so lucky to have me. And while I'm there I'm going to hopefully get lucky and find a high waisted skirt! Haha, I really want one. Anyway, yeah. I'm out :)


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