Friday, 8 May 2009

Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts.

I wrote a song about my recent events. :P

Was supposed to go to Tali Beach yesterday (hey hey hey)
But the rain was stormin' so my momma said No Way,
I kicked up a fuss and made her let me go,
she said if there's no rain, then you can tomorrow (oh oh oh)
Rain was pourin' and it wouldn't stop (No, no)
So I decided there's no point, I'm just outta luck,
Told my hosts that I wouldn't show,
then I wake up today and whatdya know?
The sun is shinin' and the sky is blue,
through the cur'ains, heat is passin' through,
murphy's law is so unfair,
it bites when you dont want it there (yeah yeah!)
so then my momma tried to give me hope
"well go beachin' this weekend, if you wanna go" (oooh ooooh)
so i jumped on the net and looked for places
where we can chill and tan our faces (shooba dooba)
But then i start realising it was gettin' cooler
i look outside and the clouds are fuller
they're getting grey and the wind's comin' around
just to think i thought the storm had left this town (oohh la la la, oooh la la la)

Okay that's all i have so far. No chorus yet. :P HAHAH okay I made that up on the spot. Not bad!
So yeah, that song has described my day. It was such a gorgeous day today. But Now i see grey clouds coming through :( I wanna go to the beach! PLEASE.

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monn said...


nice song, i MUST say jojo you got skilllzz ;)

love x.