Sunday, 10 May 2009

Fuzzy Carpets + Polaroids

In reply to the comments posted on my previous blog, I just want to clear things up.
I do love comments, I really do :) And by saying I was advised against the states and England, I wasn't saying there was anything wrong with it. For one, my mother doesn't want me to move too far away (don't they all?) and more than one person has told me about the depressing English weather. Second, my Father doesn't really want me to go to the states because, well, he's British and I guess he just doesn't like America or whatever. But I have still looked at universities everywhere, and another thing advising me against the both of them are the entry requirements. Here in the Phils we don't take SATs or "A" Levels, so it would be quite difficult completing them of finding an equivalent.
Just wanted to clear things up, it's not a personal dislike, seriously.


monn said...

I think Paris would be awesome for you :)

...sorry just thought I'd say that. :p

patricia said...

ah, yes i work at kfc, and it is possibly the most mindnumbing job ever. but still, it gives me some money to play around with, and i get (paltry) discounts on kfc and pizza hut! ftw, haha.

thanks for commenting. (: