Saturday, 2 May 2009

You see, My world is Different.

Find a voice, a personality, something that is distinctly you. And channel that originality into something you can show the world. Whether it be ink on the edge of needles, fabric in different shades and touch, images you capture behind a hard lens, or even just the things you do.

I haven't really been one interested in tattoos, although my sister has 5 (yeah, she's a walking canvas). And when it comes to fashion, I usually just wear what I feel like on the day. I dress up according to my attitude. I've never really had a particular style, if I think it looks good on me, I'll buy it (btw today I bought this drapey purple top, and Teen Vogue, because I wanted to treat myself to something nice). Behind the lens, I love to capture things as they happen. Someone laughing, or an old man just sitting by himself, thinking. I don't like it when people pose, beause it doesn't really show any emotion :/ (and I have 60 days left to collect my photos, which I will do as soon as I go out.)

Oh, and Darren & I have decided to go out one day and have "MRT Adventures", doesn't that sound rad?! We're gonna meet up somewhere, go to an MRT port and take the train! We'll get off wherever we feel like it, and it'll be totally spontaneous. I'm uber excited about that because I want to explore this place. I feel like I've only seen the surface of Manila, and something is telling me it has a lot more to offer. :)

Anyway, I have to sign off to make din din for my family, I'm suchan angel :D
Chicken Alfedo coming up up up!

Big Kiss

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