Saturday, 16 May 2009

I can make you Ice Cream, we can be a Sweet Team.

Summer passes without sand caught in my undies, the sea beneath my toes, ice cream dripping down my fingers or sandcastles knocked down by the shore.
Summer passes without the culture of a foreign land, no strange faces by the road. No unusual food or customs, no pristine hotel rooms.
Summer passes without the late night fun, no artificial lights under the dimmed stars, no drinks that swirl inside your head and no music that taps your toes.
Summer passes without the girly sleepovers, no popcorn infront of the tv, no messy manicures or giggles way past midnight.

School starts on June 8th, and I don't really know how to feel about that. Most of you know I don't like my school, I hate the way they teach, I hate that they emply teachers who are young enough to be our siblings, I hate how they neglect the arts, this list goes on. I haven't missed school this summer, which is good because that means I didn't get bored even when lazing around at home. I'm excited for the new subjects we're going to take on (World lit and history, final-fucking-ly. Takes forever for this school to get started) and I have passion for things when I'm at school. My writing is always better, and I get to act, due to my club, which I am now president of :) And much more. I just wish summer was more eventful. I hate letting my days pass by like they do, no thrill of new things. I'm always craving for adventure, but I never seem to go out and grasp it. Too many things hinder my chance of exploration, but half of these things are probably inside my head.

I've been water colouring and sketching more, lately. I still suck, though :(


YANI said...

if theres a place who holds you back for individuality and creativity it is csa.

hope you make something magical something awesome in the last 3 weeks? of summer. come on come on do something jo! while theres time left

ive been watercoloring too but my mom took them away cos i started painting everywhere on my table on my headboard on my closet on my speakers :\

monn said...

Jo you've got the incentive, now all you gotta do is FIND something to do. Like the musical theatre thing you just told me bout!
or like, working out, or reading.
Or steal your mother's car, get some money and fly here :D
...or not..