Friday, 1 May 2009

Not for Unicorns

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Today was the millionth chilled day I've spent at home this summer. I watched a bit of Australias Next Top Model, I read a bit of Shakespeares 'The Taming of the Shrew', and then I went online for about 5 hours. I talked to my best friend about stuff, I always enjoy talking to her because she's like a rock. She keeps me grounded and it's really comfortable being around someone you've known for so long. (enter harmonious music. Haha kidding)

Even though I didn't do much, I managed to save myself from the aggressive strangles of a reality many face each day, which is very heroic of me :D Haha, I saved myself from boredom! I actually dont get bored because I know this is better than being at school :)

Hopefully going to go pick up my film tomorrow! Hopefully. If things push through. Which I hope they do. If not, I hope Cami can come out so we can go to Glorietta together. I don't care if we just end up sitting in Starbucks talking for a long time, I just have to go to get my film and stuff.

Anyway, a happy weekend to all. May it be filled with things you want to do, whether it be finishing a book (I finished Angels & Demons, btw, stellar stuff.) or getting a piggyback ride from a Mexican migdet, you go have fun.

Lots of love and big kisses!


YANI said...

hello jo! you sound so peaceful and happy now :)

Lienne said...

I hope she is! after listening/reading about my pathetic life, she should be confreakingtent. :)
hah, kidding. <3