Thursday, 30 April 2009


Right now, I am listening to the last of the rain drops and the distant blur of the television. I'm glad today is a relaxed day, but I'm still trying to convince my parents to go out for dinner. I saw Chili's yesterday, and I haven't been there in ages. Just the sign of red neon stirred fond memories and the suppresed scent of Country Fried Chicken.

I finally saw my friends after the longest time yesterday. I went to get my haircut but the dude wasn't there so I just got a manicure instead. Cami convinced Joshua to pick me up otherwise I'd be 2 hours late. I spent heckuva lotta money on Mango Sorbet in Cold Rock, it was good but.. expensive. We watched the gayest movie ever, can't even remember the title. Something with Pettigrew. There was no storyline so I advise everyone against watching it! Seriously. Save your money. Oh I got my Holga film developed. It'll be done tomorrow. :)

Ive been doing a lot of writing, amazingly with a pen! And i'll type it up and show the world once the story is done.