Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Magnify Me.

I'm too tired to write anything creative. Well, I haven't exactly written anything creative in a while. But yeah. I'm really excited for malaysia, I miss it so much.

So yeah. What can I talk about? How about I talk about MYSELF! Yes, everyone loves someone who talks about themself. :P Okay. Here goes, big dose of Joanna Facts coming right up.

I really like having creative, colourful things in my room which give off a sort of indie vibe. Or anything that kind of represents me, things that other people don't usually have. If you've been in my room you'd get me. I have scarves and beaded necklaces haning off my bed posts, i have those little plastic diamonds on a part of my wall, I have this kickass inspiration board, I have graffiti within my closet, I have cards on another part of my wall, red + green handprints on another, and sometime soon, when I get Lenny Bacon's film developed, I'm gonna stick the photos onto the wall above my bed. I just love having a unique room, you know? I dont like being boring, I don't like being the same.

I love compliments. I mean, who doesn't? I love it when people tell me i look great, it seriously makes me feel awesome. The best compliments are out of the blue, and when you haven't even done anything to enhance how you look. It just feels so much better when somebody calls you really awesome when you didn't even give them any favours that day, or when they say you look great when you aren't wearing any makeup + your hair hasn't been brushed. I love it.

I love Tv shows about over-privileged and highly dysfunctional teens. The more screwed up, the better! >:D Which is why I love Gossip Girl and 90210!

I like to think i'm not a girly girl. Hey, I might actually be one, since i can be preeeety vain, but I dont like to think that other people think i'm a girly girl. I want to be normal :) someone who gets on well with guys and girls. Like, be the girl that guys invite out to go play paint balling, or rock climbing, or rock band! :) And the girl that girls will invite out to go shopping or pampering! Yeah. I like balance.

I hate having nothing to do. omfg it's the worst thing ever. When i have nothing to do I get bored then I start to think and sometimes I think about bad things, or I feel useless and it's just NOT NICE. I like being busy. Even being buried in work, it's fine. Just, give me something to do. DONT LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MYSELF, PLEASE! :P just kidding, joanna. That;s okay joanna :)

I love to act. I really do. I wanna do so many things and be so many people in life, acting gives me that. I can be a different person and experience different things and act a different way. I love it. :) OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH I'M THE NEW THESPIANS PRESIDENT! Doesn't that rock? Yay me! I have so many new ideas for next year omg i'm so excited.

I love trying new things. I swear. I feel so accomplished when I do something new. In fact I have promised myself that I will go skydiving someday, I MUST. I love extreme things, the freakier, the better. I want to ride the world's scariest roller coaster and scream and laugh at the same time while plunging to the ground at 1000000 miles an hour. I think it'd be awesome to be a roller-coaster tester. roller coasters kick ass. Yay roller coasters. Whoever invented them was a crazy genius. I'm gonna google that.

Je parler en francais mais ce n'est pas bien. Does that make sense? I hope it does otherwise my french has really slipped down the drain. Tu as un poisson. Booyah. J'aime le ouef.

Yeah yeah now go look for an online translator, kiddos.

I laugh a lot. And I love it. Laughter is the best thing any human has in common. I swear, those "hahaha"s sound so magical. Oooh :) I actually wanna be one of those people that gets excited really easily, and I am that person when i'm happy, so I guess i need to become more positive.

I am a damn good liar. But i dont like to lie, only when i really need to save my ass. Though i feel really bad about it in the end. So i try not to bend it tooooo far, tee hee. I'm actually a good person, I think. I am pretty reasonable and fair, unless I'm pissed to hell with anyone, which rarely happens since i hate fights. I am against fights. I'm a Jesus-Lover and fighting is not the answer. HAHA. Seriously, I haven't fought-fought in around 4 years? I just dont get it, be mature and be civil, if you have a problem, talk about it, if you dont liek a person, leave them alone! And sadly, since I hate fights, I have apologized for something I didn't do once or twice just to end the drama. I know I shouldn't have, but it's too late now. NEW RESOLUTION!

Speaking of resolutions! I have another one, I'm trying my best not to ask my parents to buy me anything anymore. Unless they offer, I'm going to save the money and get it myself. If i haven't got the money: I don't get it. That simple! We'll see how this goes. It actually all started with this, italicised is dad, bolded is moi:

So you're 16 now. Old enough to do your own thing. You don't have to listen to mom or me anymore!

`Course I do! You're my parents, I have to listen to what you guys tell me.

I wasnt listening to my parents when I was 16. I was out of the house, then. Working by day, school at night.

Yeah I know, but that's different. You didn't want to listen to your parents.

Anyway you'll be at University in a few years. Where is it you're going? Australia or England? You'll have to be independent then.

So yeah, basically I realised I will be off living my life in just 2 years, I'm going to be in a different country and I need to start being responsible so I can show my parents that I can take care of myself and I dont need to depend on them all the time. Plus I think it'd make my mom nag less.

Oh, another thing, I love cute, inspirational pictures that make you think of the story behind it. And I love vintage looking pictures, aka lomography + polaroids! I think they represent the world in a very carefree, indie way. The kind of spirit that makes me want to live in a small loft above a cozy bookstore. Heaven. I'd have a small balcony with sad excuses of flowers in a pot, and a crooked little cat i'd find on the street, and the inside the walls would be a deep red/purple, with white crooked cabinets and a small bed with huge duvets, and mirrors on my wall. It'd be about the size of a Studio Apartment. I've posted a pic so you get the vibe.

That's all I feel like sharing right now. I'm sure I've said enough anyway.

I'm only 38 hours away from Malaysia. Take care readers!

Peace Bitches.

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