Thursday, 16 April 2009


Scary stuff.


Divisha said...


monn said...

duuuude this thing is epic :D
India and China are gonna take over the world soon - I'd better get crackalackin on my native languages :p
Where the hell did you even FIND this anyway?
I'm showing it to Ms. Lee tomorrow - I have this weird urge to.

And also - these prediction dates. Like 2049; they keep telling us the world's dying soon due to global warming...

Maria Dagdag (Selina) said...

Dearest Joanna Kennedy,
I love how you called me maria when you told me to check this out :)) hahaha but anyways, since the video has not uploaded and im getting so excited and so damn curious on what this is about...i decided to leave one comment. (or letter) whichever way you call it :)) then i leave another one again for your own little princess' heart's delight :)) hahaha

from what i have seen so far...seems like your trying to save the world. Im on the same team! go jo! :)

love and miss you loads,
selina. :>

raphaeldumonte said...

Very freaky. Especially the part about computers surpassing the human brain. That can seriously ruin humanity, me thinks.

Nice tho, it makes you wonder what's next with the world.

Funny, TV took more than 10 years, while internet took only 4. Ipod took 3! and FACEBOOK only 2. hahahaha. Funny facts.

Maria (Selina_ said...

GOODNESS, your right...this IS scary...

Joanna said...

ouHaha, Mon. Yes! crackalackin! love that phrase.
Psh, whent he chinese and indians take over the world you're gonna be in some superclass rank of supremacy because youre mixed with both elite powers.
AHAHAHHAHA YEAH RIGHT. kidding :P YES YES show her my blog!! woohoooo.

Maria Dagdag: YES! save the world!

Darren: I know right, facebook premiered at the right time.

Divisha said...

HOLY COW JOANNA! i got a sheep when i saw this! damn the world is progressing yet deteriorating too... yes india and china will progress and i belong to one of the countries but i dont freaking even know the alphabet to my country!! haha!!! i cant let computers get smarter than mee!!! and i want a decent job or a husband whose rich having a decent job :)) bullshit people of the world(including us) are so bad.. im mad at myself now, i wont get new phones or whatever anymore! live simply just like before, hey its not like we weren't happy without any of these, it just makes life simpler thats why were all gaining weight!! :))

OMGia! said...

woot! scared the hell out of me.

alcie said...


Anonymous said...

woah! that's like BEYOND scary. the word "scary" doesn't even describe it at all . it's like totasuptramegser scary! hahaha. its total, super, ultra, mega and seriously put together!
i'm a.k.a anonymous.
yeah, i've been the mysterious person who's been writing all those mysterious quotes and what not.