Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Half Blood Prince

Guys! Harry Potter is coming out on July 15th, I just saw about 5 different trailers and they were all awesome! :) I have to admit, the Potter fever is catching me because I've been so obsessed with it for the past week. It started with SparkNotes, I read the analysis for Harry Potter and found out some things i didn't expect, so I reread the first and last book (you can really see how well JK Rowlings writing improved) in about, 1 night each (i didn't read them word for word, just the interesting parts) and then on eNews they announced that the trailer was out! So I jumped onto the computer and watched them as soon as I got up this morning, it looks like a really good movie. I just hope it doesnt let me down because that one's my favourite book. For those who didn't read the book, watch the movie :) For those who arent allowed to read/watch Harry Potter.. uhm. Read under the covers at night, your parents will never know ;)
kidding don't do that.

Here are some movie stills

Lol i'm sorry but the expression of the guy behind Ron, on the left, distracts me. I think thats meant to be Lee Jordan, not sure, but he looks funny.

Harry and Ginny, as if you didn't know.

One of the many movie posters.

Dumbledore, yay!

Baby Tom Riddle. Okay, not a baby. Kid.
Anyway, yeah. I'm so excited, I love Harry Potter! I want to get "Tales of Beedle the Bard" but I'm gonna borrow from Gia to see if it's worth it, first :P
Nothing interesting happening in my life, so yeah. Bye!


Cami said...

aahhh! rupert grint, insanely hott!

alcie said...

OMGOOOSHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!! I love harry potter! yes yes yes sooo excited. i totally agree her writing's improved so much.

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