Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pink Linen & White Paper

Michelle reminded me of how we used to blog on windows live spaces, ohh those were the days. I went back to check what my weird 13-year-old self was writing about, here's some stuff :)

Flashes of pain. Spasms.
The voice inside your head. Telling you what to do.
Feel any better? No.
Take more. Okay.
Wash it down with gin.
Not working. Put your head in the oven.
Memories, drifting into your head.
Tears escape your eyes. Running down your cheeks. Droplets landing on the floor.
A teardrop, the sound is deafening.
5th birthday party. Sisters wedding. New dog. New Car. That holiday.. Grandads funeral.
My funeral next.
Any affect? No. No feeling. My body is numb.
The house is queit. They'll come back home and find me.
This isnt working fast enough.
There window on the second floor is pretty high...
No. Just go to sleep. It will be painless.
Fall asleep and never wake up.
Haha. Scary stuff. Here's the next, not any better:

Plunge. Headfirst into the water.
Cold air, whipping at your feet.
Thoughts fill your head
Adrenaline filling you up.
You reach the water.
The coldness stuns your body
You forget to pull up.
You jumped with too much power.
You forgot that last, vital movement.
Its too late.
The water turns bloody.

HAHAH OH MY GOD I READ SOME REALLY FUNNY STUFF, WAIT LET ME GO BACK TO NORMAL LETTERS there we go, okay i found so hilarious conversations I had with Nikky and Mon and some retarded convo about me charging this dude 30% more on tax because he called my Ewe a duck, and called its LASERS red and green "lines". Hoeemygod i was a retard.
Okay I am a retard. Here's a taste:

oanna- [goo?] says:
well.. my ewe can make the tails on your house FALL OFF
Joanna- [goo?] says:
and the groud goes *scccoooorrrrcchhhiiiinnnn*
Joanna- [goo?] says:
- x {[I'M THOOPER.]} es como usted decir algo más. says:
groud. HAHA.
Joanna- [goo?] says:
sounds the same

a while later...
Joanna- [goo?] says:
i chopped horsey up and fed him to the french!
Joanna- [goo?] says:
and the crowd goes *OOUUUCCCHHH*
Joanna- [goo?] says:
how did u know?!
- x {[I'M THOOPER.]} es como usted decir algo más. says:
- x {[I'M THOOPER.]} es como usted decir algo más. says:
i thought the crowd went to lunch?
Joanna- [goo?] says:
theyre back
Joanna- [goo?] says:
Joanna- [goo?] says:
shes stuck a bomb on his nose, LOOK
{[I'M THOOPER.]} es como usted decir algo más. says:
ITS RUDOLPHS NOSE. you know, the one you get during christmas where you put it round your head and it GLOWS.

Hoe my gosh this is mighty exciting! I'm going to link this blog post to Nicole.
More to come!

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