Monday, 6 April 2009

For the Imaginary Ex.

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Dear Imaginary Ex-Boyfriend,

It's been three days since you broke up with me. 72 hours that my heart has spent bleeding after you mercilessly ripped it out my of chest and stamped on it with those shoes I love so much. You know, the ones the wear for (Enter Favourite Hobby). I know I sound like a desperate leech clinging onto every last strand of possible regret, but I have to know. Do you regret it? I hope you do because I've never fallen so hard for someone. You opened up my eyes to a whole world I'd never seen before. It's 4am and I'm wide awake writing this letter as I look through our pictures and over analyse all your words. I do believe you loved me. Maybe you still do? Because real love doesn't just vanish within a span of three days. I hope not, at least. I know I might've been a bit overwhelming.. I just get so jealous sometimes. But that just shows how much I care! It's taking all my strength to just forget how you smell. Actually, I still remember.

Since I'm being so honest here.. I'll tell you. I can't sleep without knowing if I'll hear your smooth vocie tomorrow, or smell the soap you use on your skin, or hear your laugh. That laugh.. it lifts me onto a bubble and pops in my bloodstream. It makes happiness surge right through me, you know? I've never been through anything this difficult, those (enter subject) lessons you tried teaching me seem like nothing compared to this. My eyes feel permanently swollen.

I don't know how you could just end things out of the blue. No warning, nothing. You dont call to check if I'm okay, either. You don't care. I wonder if you ever did. I thought you were different, I thought those looks you gave me were real. I suppose this proves you're just another guy, and you'd never know how I feel unless I ripped your heart out by the seams . I'm glad I can tell you this. I need to get over it, and now that it's out, I think I'll be able to go through another day a little better. I'll be able to breathe again.

So go ahead and live your life, don't worry about me. It's not like I think about you constantly, right? Well maybe I do but that shouldn't affect you anymore. I was always the giver, and you were always the taker, now that I think about it. You've got me on my knees saying "All Hail the Heartbreaker."

Have a nice life :)


Oh how I wish I had an ex to write this letter to! :P But then again I wouldn't want to go through heartbreak of that magnitude. Inspired by the song 'All Hail the Heartbreaker', I wrote it in the car on the way back from my mom's province. I'm off to Malaysia this Thursday [whoopee!] so I wont be blogging for a while :)

Take care lovely readers!


raphaeldumonte said...

Hahaha. I wouldn't want to write a letter like that. :)) Very evocative. lolol.

monn said...

I'd totally write a letter like that :D I'd be less sad more..bitch :p