Monday, 20 April 2009

One Mile to Every Inch

Sweet picture, right? Well the entry is written in a guys point of view.


You lay next to me like a messy heap of pink cotton pajamas and tangled hair. Your body climbs and falls with the beat of your breaths, waves of sleep crash onto the shore. Your pretty face buried in the pillowcase, one hand clutched to the blanket, the other draped lazily over me. Your sleeping methods get the best of me. I run my hand over your soft arm, writing your name with my finger. You twitch a little, and I'm worried I woke you up. But your soft snores assure me that I haven't. I play with a lock of your hair, twisting it round and round my finger. You mumble inaudible words, and pull your face out of the soft rummage. In a moment of consciousness, you stare straight at me, then let your head drop back into slumber. I play with your squishy fingers, tapping the fleshy parts. You sniff the cold air back into your system, and shiver at the rush. I can't help but laugh at your quirks. You're like a little gypsy in your own way, constantly moving and adjusting yourself, yet never leaving me behind. I'm hooked to this caravan of yours, and your magical ways.


raphaeldumonte said...

Yummy yummy. You're getting better at writing. Funny, though, the guy should have his own mannerisms too! Like playing with her hair or something. :]

Joanna said...

haha, thanks darren. :O you're calling me a bad writer.

YANI said...

body is a wonderlalalalaaand!
nice entry jo!

monn said...

You should've seen some year 9 girls CRYING when king sang this during eistedfodd :|
we were in year 10.

but dude, i like this post :)
you're good as a guy.